Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mix Tape 020

Autumn officially begins on September 22, 10:49 A.M. EDT. So sez God. Or Copernican theory or whatever.  But for some of us, it ended (this year) on September 3rd, Labor Day. Such indecision.  We can't even decide on its proper name. Here, we're sort of undecided as always so we'll end it today for selfish reasons… in order to squeeze in a few more great summer songs.  The weather man agrees as it's supposed to be frigid here tomorrow (the 50s!), but I digress.  A BIG BIG thanks to Mr. Summer, Big Bang Logan, who sen 4 more cd's worth of summer songs.  I'm tempted to declare an endless summer.

See below for scan credits.  Enjoy!

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1. "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" - contributed by "Big Bang" Logan

2. "Summer Song" - Upside Groove Coalition - from the album "Funky Estofado" 2003, another contribution by Big Bang and a great one.

3. "September Gurls" - The Bangles - 1986 cover of the 1974 Big Star tune

4. "Tell Her" - Paradise - Phil-l.a., 1981 cover of the Pattie Drew song (below)

5. "Tell Him" - The Drew-Vels - Capitol, 1963

6. "Caramel Sky" - Mynd Gardners - from "Tales From the Caramel Hourglass" 2010 and comp'd on "Lost in Tyme V6"

7. "Lost Love" - The Lost Souls - Leopard, 1966 and comp'd on "No No No"

8. "Tell Me Where Love Goes" - Paul Varisco - Kapp, 1968 - comp'd on "Chase Records V2"

9. "I Can't Understand" - Hidden Charms  - unreleased 1984 recording, now on "Lost in Tyme V6"

10. "Nadine" - Smokestack Lightning - White Whale, 1967

11. "Here Comes My Baby" - Christine Holmes - from "Brit Girls of the 60s"

12. "Too Far Gone" - The Royal Purple - from "Spearmint Experiment" 2004

13. "Out of Control" - Yo La Tengo - from "Upside Down" 2007

14. "Out of Control" - The Feelies - from "Only Life" 1988

15. "Too Far Out" - The Teddy Boys - 1966, no info - Hey Mike, did you miss this?!

16. "(Stop Leading Me On) I Know How to Love Her" - Jimmy Ruffin - from "A Cellarful of Motown"

17. "Keep It Like a Secret" - The Brixton Riot - New Jersey's own, just released in March, from "Palace Amusements" on Modern Hymnal Recordings

18. "She Cut Me to the Bone" - Masonics - Royal Records, 1995

19. "Baby Baby" - The Premonitions - from "Rare Soul Harmony of the 60s"

20. "Oh Those Eyes" - Vagrants - Southern Sound, 1965

21. "Baby, That's All" - Berries - IGL, 1967

22. "If You Gotta Make A Fool of Somebody" - James Ray - Caprice, early 60s

23. "Put Her Down" - The Wooly Ones - Titan, 1965

24. "As Long As I Know He's Mine" - Julie Grant - Pye, 1965

25. "I Don't Want You No More" - Basements - from "I'm Dead" on Lost in Tyme, the best album of the year

26. "Late Summer" - Seapony - from the "Dreaming" 7" on Double Denim, contributed by the BIG Bang

27. "Summer's Gone" - Cynics - Full Sail, 1986

28. "A Young Man is Gone" - Beach Boys - from "Little Deuce Coupe" 1963

Scan Credits:

Paul Varisco 45 scan from

Mynd Gardners scan from


  1. Thanks for this one Glenn, I liked this playlist from the top right to the bottom. Excellent mix of tunes!