Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mix Tape 026

Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers

Roy Brown

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1. "Good Rockin' Tonight" - Roy Brown - 1947 - Roy is the man who wrote and first cut "Good Rockin'" and purportedly the man to coin the term "rock and roll." Why isn't he in the Hall of Fame?

2. "Remember December" - The Paper Dolls - RCA, 1970 - backing vocals by Brian Connolly, later of Sweet

3. "Got to Have You Back" - The Isley Brothers - Tamla, 1967

4. "You're My Brian Jones" - Palmyra Delran - just out!  It's in the running for Little Steven's Underground Coolest Song in the World contest for 2012.  It's got my vote, literally -

5. "Is It Wrong" - Joey & the Continentals - from "Joey and the Continentals aka The GTO's"

6. "Does Your Mama Know About Me" - Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers - Gordy, 1968

7. "I Wanna Go Wild" -  Death By Unga Bunga - Norwegian group, recently released from the album "The Kids Are Up To No Good"

8. "Please Realize" - Don Perry & the Fables - from 1967 on Fable and comp'd on "The Lost Generation Volume 3. 19 More Mid-Sixties USA Garagepunkers!"

9. "This Strange Effect" - The Kinks - written by Ray Davies for Dave Berry in 1965.  A Kinks' studio recording was never released.  This version is from the UK show "Top of the Pops."

10. "So Wrong" - Pete Barin (with the Belmonts) - Sabina, 1962

11. "I Saw Her Again" - The Mamas & Papas - from their 1966 second album

12. "In My Room [Demo Version]" - The Beach Boys - from "Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boy"

13. "She'll Come Back" - The Turtles - from "Wooden Head," released in 1969 and consisted of mostly b-sides and rarities

14. "Eat My Fear" - The Setting Son - from the recently released "Before I Eat My Eyes and Ears"

15. "(Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame" - Del Shannon - from the 1961 album "Runaway with Del Shannon." Written by Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman.  The Elvis version was released a few months later.

16. "Black Roses" - Brain Train - Titan, 1966 - Brain Train was the precursor to Clear Light

17. "I've Been Waiting" - Freddy & the Fourgone Conclusions - from "Wigged Out Sounds"

18. "On a Little Island" - The Enchanters - from "Rare Soul Harmony Of The 60's"

19. "Love Me Like I Do" - Mama Guitar - from "In Mama Guitar Style" 2001

20. "She's My Girl" - Bobby Fuller Four - Mustang, 1965

21. "A New Direction" - The Fairviews & the Fifth Dimension - Spinit, 1967

22. "She Can't Be Found" - The Frantic Five - from "Play the Quinta" 1998

23. "Disown Me" - Graham Day and the Gaolers - from "Soundtrack to the Daily Grind" 2007

24. "I'll Forgive You Girl" - The Chocolate Light Bulbs - Lennan, 1969

25. "The Clock" - Jaytones - Brunswick, 1958

26. "Of Old Approximately" - Bourbons - Royal Family, 1967

27. "Tango Fuzz" - Los Peyotes - from "Psychotic Reaction" 2002

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  1. Another good one, Glenn. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for another great collection Glenn. I really like the Palmyra Delran song, so I went to the underground Garage to take a look at the list and place my vote. After some thought (tough choice!) I went with "Soul Salvation of Love" by The Cocktail Slippers. Seems like the girl groups always get my vote, but it was close to a tie with "Homesick Blues" by The Hangmen, from the awesome "East of Western" CD, which may be my favorite CD this year.


  3. thanks, some excellent gems on here, happy holidays