Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mix Tape 038

See below for scan credits.  Enjoy!

1. "July" - Natty - from "Man Like I" 2008

2. "Born in the Summer" - Ash Gray and the Girls - from the album of the same name 2012

3. "Summer Vacation" - Michael Barrett Dixon - 2012 release inspired by his 9 year old daughter - contributed by Boss Logan

4. "Our Sweet Love" - The Beach Boys - from "Sunflower" 1970

5. "She Put Me Down" - The Basements - from "I'm Dead" 2012

6. "I'd Much Rather Be With the Girls" - Donna Lynn - Capitol, 1965

7. "Kind of Girl (Demo)" - The Zombies - a demo released on their 1997 box "Zombie Heaven"

8. "Never To Be Back Again" - Palmyra Dean - from their recently released album "You Are What You Absorb"

9. "Spend Your Life" - The First Crow to the Moon - Roulette, 1967

10. "Baba Boom" - The Jamaicans - Treasure Isle, 1967 - in 1966, the Jamaican government launched the Independence Song Competition - written specifically for the festival

11. "Smell of Incense" - West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Reprise, 1968

12. "No Use In Trying" - Paul Messis - from his new album, "Case Closed" - cover of the Five Bucks

13. "(Love is Like A) Heat Wave" - The Who - from "A Quick One" 1965

14. "They Don't Know" - Kirsty MacColl - Stiff, 1979 - 

15. "Prevailing Darkness" - Endless - Cardinal, 1966

16. "Boom Boom (Out Goes the Lights)" - Little Walter - Chess, 1955

17. "Trip With Me" - Tides In - Sanfris, 1967

18. "Fuzz Filled Dreams" - The Neumans - from their recently released 7"

19. "Go Go Marlin" - The Monograms - Charrington, 196?

20. "Buried Alive" - The Dance Hall Crashers - from "Lockjaw" 1995

21. "I'll Sell My Soul" - The Allies - Valiant, 1966

22. "Too Good to Be Bad" - Jeanne Thomas - New Voice, 1965

23. "Shake Shake Baby" - The American Teens - Swan, 1966

24. "Hold On" - The O'Jays - Minit, 1967

25. "I Don't Want to Follow You" - The Wailers - Viva, 1967

26. "Passionate Love" - Goodtime Music Company - from "The Sound of Young Sacramento"

27. "Lioness on the Rise" - Queen Ifrica - from "Road to Mobay" 2009

Scan Credits:

First Crow to the Moon scan from

Baba Boom scan from

Kirsty MacColl scan from


  1. welcome back glenn, hope you're enjoying the summer and not working too hard. thanks for the tunes! it's a good mix


  2. Glenn, "Ba Ba Boom" is probably my favorite rocksteady recording of all time. Love the horns. Don't let the lack of comments stymie you -- please keep on sharing these awesome comps with the rest of us. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for alle the good stuff. An amazing collection.


  4. A very belated thank you, Glenn! Superb mix.

  5. the link doesn't open on zippyshare. I passed almost all other links of your beautiful site and the others work. Would you mind verify or repost this one. Please. Great collection.

  6. Replies
    1. no way. same error message. doesn't work on Chrome and Mozilla. Zippyshare site doesn't load for this link. No problem with others links from your great collection.

  7. I don't know what the problem is. I wrote to zippyshare support.

    1. would you mind repost this and get another link? I've tried in other location and computer and got same error. The zippyshare site doesn't load for this particular link.

  8. Ok, try again and lemme know if there's a problem.

  9. No problem now. Thanks a lot for the great music. I'll be following your new posts. And what a great "record collection". bye.

  10. The link does not work. No problem with the others......

  11. It's working now. Thanks a lot! Excellent blog!