Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mix Tape 048


Big Joe Turner

Ivy Tones

See below for scan credits.

1. “Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio” - Les Brown & His Orchestra - 1941, yay beisbol

2. “Oo Wee Baby” - Ivy-Tones - circa 1957 from the “Best of Red Top”

3. “I Get So Disgusted” - Mystics - Frantic, 1965

4. “Oh What a Thrill” - Chuck Berry - from “Rock It” 1979

5. “Secrets in Me” - The See No Evils  - from their “We Are Strangers” EP from earlier this year. Contributed by Shawn.

6. “I Know a Secret” - The Mosquitoes - from their mini-LP “That Was Then, This Is Now” 1985

7. “Heaven In Your Arms” - Donald Woods & the Vel-Aires - Flip, 1955

8. “Little Things Like That” - Suzy Wallis - RCA, 1966

9. “She’s On Her Way” - Michael Lynch - new 45 just released on Market Square… 2 sides of perfect pop.  Go get it from bandcamp.

10. “Flip Flop & Fly” - Big Joe Turner - Atlantic, 1954

11. “Something About You” - The Four Tops - Motown, 1965

12. “Something’s Going Wrong” - The Gnomes - Afton, 1966

13. “She Don’t Care About Time” - The Grip Weeds - from their recent album, “Inner Grooves”

14. “That’s The Way Boys Are” - Leslie Gore - Mercury, 1964

15. “Pass It On” - The Coral - from “Magic and Medicine” 2003

16. “Chicke Um Bah” - The Moonglows - Chess circa 1956

17. “That’s the Breaks” - The Voodoo Dolls - from a 45 mini album, “Problems With Girls” 1986

18. “Who’s That Knocking” - The Genies - Shad, 1958

19. “Knock on My Door” - B-Sides - from their only album, “On the OUt-side”

20. “I’d Rather Go Blind” - Etta James - the original recording from 1967

21. “But Then One Day” - Uptight - from their self-titled CD on Off the Hip, 2003

22. “Good Day to Die” - Baby Woodrose - from their recently released album “Kicking Ass and Taking Names”

23. “Hey Senorita” - The Beatpack are back on State Records with this recent 7”.  Courtesy of Shawn.                                                                                                                                          
24. “He’s Not Your Boyfriend” - The Charades - Warner, 1964

25. “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” - Bernie Williams - yes, THAT Bernie Williams, from his 2009 album “Moving Forward”

Scan Credits:

Ivy-Tones scan from

Mystics scan from


  1. Great collection! Back int he 80s I used to see The Mosquitos whenever they'd play The Dive in NYC.

  2. Thanks for another great mix Glenn. I was stoked to see that you included the Etta James version of "I'd Rather Go Blind", which I've not heard previously. I think the covers by Wiggins and Carter are a testament to how fine the original is, as each of the covers is sung just as Etta sung it originally. I'll say the Clarence Carter version is my favorite, his voice seems to suit the song, and , well the fact that he is blind somehow makes the song more powerful.

    Thanks again,

  3. Just had to let you know so you can change it - I don't know who that photo depicts, but it definitely ain't Big Joe Turner!