Monday, December 1, 2014

Mix Tape 055

Wilson Pickett aka Wicked Wilson

Ok ok, I went a little overboard with Velvets hysteria. Blame it on the 6 cd release of 3rd album [!!]  Other than that, business as usual.  Have fun.

See below for scan credits.

1. “Here She Comes Now” - Nirvana - from the “Heaven & Hell” tribute series

2. “There She Goes Again” - Crawdaddys - Voxx 7” from 1980

3. “Femme Fatale (Demo)” - Big Star from their box “Keep an Eye on the Sky”

4. “Rock and Roll” - Velvet Underground - from their just released 6-cd set of the third album, this version is from “the missing 4th album” and unbeleeeevable.

5. “Keep Lovin’” - Kingbees - Pyramid, 1966 and appears on “Quagmire V4”

6. “Truth From My Eyes” - Randy & the Radiants - from “Memphis Beat: The Sun Recordings 1964-1966” - originally released in 1965

7. “She’s a Fool” - Lesley Gore - Mercury, 1964

8. “What Will You Be If You;free 70” - The Penetrators - from “Bad Woman” 2008, contributed by Shawn

9. “I’m Sorry” - Bo Diddley - from “Go Bo Diddley” 1959

10. “Come On” - Chuck Berry - Chess, 1961

11. “For You” - The Spellbinders - Columbia, 1965

12. “Kitten City” - Doughboys - new single on Ram Records

13. “I Don’t Need You” - The Blazers - Brass, 1966

14. “In The Midnight Hour” - Wilson Pickett - Atlantic, 1965

15. “Fourth Time Around” - Bob Dylan - from “Live 1966: The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert”

16. “Mellow Feeling” - Barbara Lynn - Love Records, 1979

17. “Peeping Through the Window” - Lee Williams & the Cymbals - Carnival, 1967

18. “She Just Satsifies” - Jimmy Page - Fontana, 1965, his first rekkid and best

19. “For Your Love” - Graham Goldman - a hit by the Yardbirds in 1965, Goldman recorded his song in 1968 on the album “Graham Gouldman Thing” - went on to 10cc. He also wrote “Bus Stop” and “No Milk Today”

20. “When I Was Young” - Ramones - from “Acid Eaters” 1993

21. “Shapes of Things” - Chris Stamey with Yo La Tengo - from V.O.T.E., 2004

22. “When My Baby Cries” - Yvonne Prenosilova - Pye, 1965

23. “Two to Match” - High Learys - from “Soundflat Records Ballroom Bash V7”

24. “In Lonelier Days” -Peter Berry & the Shake Set - from “For Goodness Shake!” 2007

25. “Barefoot in the Car Park” - Groovy Uncle - from their new album “Persuaded” contributed by Shawn

Scan Credits:

Crawdaddys scan from
“Go Bo Diddley” scan from wikipedia
Doughboys scan from
Wilson Pickett scan from


  1. That Crawdaddys cover is nice.

    BTW, head over here for an interesting one-off Feelies cover band called Foggy Notion:
    Also here:

  2. That Crawdaddys cover is nice.

    You should check out for a cool Velvets' cover show at Maxwells from '83

  3. Yup, got that and forgot about it... listening now.

  4. The Bomp List Refugees are investigating whether the mystery "There She Goes Again" could possibly be Foggy Notion. I know it's different from the version on the Foggy Notion set I downloaded today, but there were a fair number of Foggy Notion shows back in the day and it could conceivably be from one of them.

  5. Hey Glenn. Thanks for another great year of music. The "Kiwi from Down Under"

  6. I really dig your mix tapes, man. Thanks for doing what you do!

  7. Can You leave the address to Mix Tape 055.
    Here is the address for Mix Tape 041.

    Thanks in advance

  8. I'm sorry, I was wrong. He did not address the Mix Tape 41 than the address for Mix Tape 055 expired but should set a new one.