Monday, May 25, 2015

Mix Tape 060

Marcos Sendarrubias

Carl Giammarese from the Buckinghams

I debated for a few months whether to announce my book. Ya know, apples and tangelos. "Gluttony at Table #1: The Restaurant That Wouldn't Die," has nothing to do with music but is definitely a rock and roll book, if you get my hot air. If you wanna know more, check it out here. And let me know what you think.

See below for scan credits. Enjoy!

1. “Something Wild” - Sister Carol - from the best Jonathan Demme movie ever, 1986’s “Something Wild.” Originating from Jamaica and ending up in Brooklyn, or does the song make it obvious? -) “A modern reviver of the faith.” —

2. “Drive In” - A-Bones - from “Smile, Vibes & Harmony: A Tribute to Brian Wilson”

3. “See My Baby Jive” - Flash Cadillac & the Continentals - Private Stock, 1977 - a Roy Wood cover

4. “On the Dancefloor” - Marcos Sendarrubias- from a very strange but wonderfully so album, “High Voltage Rockabilly.” All the songs were recorded live on analog equipment. All songs except one composed by Sendarrubias. The Spanish version is even better.

5. “Do You Wanna Dance” - The Neatbeats - from their 2013 album “Dance Room Racket”

6. “One Little Dance” - The Moovers - Brent, 1967

7. “Tomorrow is Another Day” - The Navarros - from “Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 16”

8. “Stop Sneaking Around” - Rick Nelson - Polydor, 1962

9. “I Don’t Want My Baby” - Michael Lynch - from “THE MIND, HEART AND SOUL OF MICHAEL LYNCH” (EP, July 2005)

10. “Poor Side of Town” - Al Wilson - Soul City, 1969

11. “Between Gray States” - The Loons  - from their 2010 album “Red Dissolving Rays of Light” - contributed by Shawn

12. “I Haven’t Got the Nerve” - The Drones - from Drone, unknown release date

13. “Heartland” - Stupidity - from their 2014 album “Fore”

14. “It Can Happen” - Little Peppy and the Bare Existence - Fine, 1966

15. “Act Nice and Gentle” - The Kinks - from “Something Else” 1967

16. “Come Back Baby” - Roddie Joy - Red Bird, 1965

17. “Without You” - Mystic Brew - Soundflat, 2014 - contributed by Shawn

18. “Girl Don’t Change Your Mind” - Eddie Cunningham & the Lone Rangers - Kemo Sabe, 1968

19. “I Want Sunday Back Again” - Bettye Swann - Go Ahead Records, 2012

20. “I’ve Been Wrong” - The Buckinghams- USA Records, 1967

21. “There’s Something Wrong (In This Place)” - The Chayns - International Artists, 1967

22. “It’s Gonna Work Out Fine” Ike & Tina Turner - from the 1963 album “Dynamite!”

23. “Trip to Bandstand” - B.B. Cunningham, Jr. - from “It Came From Memphis”

24. “Crazy Feeling” - Lou Reed from “Coney Island Baby”

25. “Wild Thing” - The Wild Ones - the original recording from at least 1000 years ago

Scan Credits:
Marcos Sendarrubias scan from

The Moovers scan from

Carl Giammarese from the Buckinghams from


  1. Thanks for the new mix Glenn. Congratulations on the book, I'll be reading it soon. Looks like you've got some good reviews on amazon already.

    I have to agree with you about "High Voltage Rockabilly", it's among the top releases of 2014, a true pleasure to listen to. If any readers are interested it's available in digital format at

  2. Thanks again as usual Glenn. Looking forward to reading the book too my man !


  3. Congratulations on the publication, good luck and thank you.