Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mix Tape 001

Ellie Gee (aka Greenwich)

Percy Sledge

Born in Tyme is reborn.  Hopefully this time around, we'll have a longer life.  See below for scan credits.  Enjoy!

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1. "Nag Nag Nag Nag" - Art Brut - From "It's a Bit Complicated" 2007

2. "Heart Full of Soul" - Chris Stamey with Yo La Tengo - from Maxwell's 12/6/07, Stamey was a "special guest"

3. "Baby Help Me" - Percy Sledge - Atlantic, 1966

4. "Bad Seed (demo)" - Pandoras - from "Stop Pretending" 1986

5. "It's True" - The Looms - from the Montgomery label, this track is quite mysterious - all I know is they're from Maryland

6. "Here Comes the Boy" - Tracey Dey - Amy, 1963

7. "I'm Blue" - Kinetics - Studio City, 1965 - from the comp "When the Time Runs Out"

8. "Attention ! Accident (Sur L'autoroute De L'ouest): Shut Down" - Les Gams - from a pretty amazing comp, "Hey Beach Girls! Female Surf 'n' Drag 1961 - 1966"

9. "Six Feet Down" - Thee Gravemen - from the ep "Haunted" 2011

10. "Betty My Love" - The Cadillacs - Josie, 1956

11. "No One Wants to Be Remembered…" - The Breakup Society - from "Nobody Likes a Winner" 2007

12. "Since I Lost My Baby" - The Temptations - Gordy, 1965

13. "You Got Me Crying" - The Mongrelettes - from the recently released 7" "Mon Mec a Moi," all the way from Greece

14. "Red Corvette" - Ellie Gee and the Jets - Madison, 1961; Ellie Gee = Ellie Greenwich. Co-written by future husband Jeff Barry -- also on "Hey Beach Girls! Female Surf 'n' Drag 1961 - 1966"

15. "Boys Don't Cry" - Terminal Choice - 2004 - from "Our Voices - A Tribute To The Cure"

Scan Credits:

Percy Sledge scan from

Pandoras scan from

Ellie Gee scan from


  1. Welcome back, Glenn, and thank you for the heads up! The first comp is sounding very good as I type this. Dropbox works well here. Thanks for starting my weekend off with a bang.

  2. Yeah! You can't keep a good man down. Thanks for starting up again Glenn, thanks especially for the email alert. The Art Brut got me off to good start, what a great theme for the new blog! Dropbox works great, I'm embarrassed to say I've never used it before, guess I'll check out the service now. Thanks again.

    1. Sooo glad to see you back. As always, your first comp looks great. I am still undecided about the future of "Time on My Hands" but if Dropbox seems to work well it might be the impetus I need to get going again.

  3. Great to have you back, Glenn! Great Comp, and the direct download is cool.
    Sid from London

  4. Thanks for this. I like the "Special Guest" at Maxwell's citation. Coincidentally, I was at Maxwell's to see the Fleshtones and Peter Buck joined them for a number. Was it "When the Night Falls" by the Eyes? As it happens, it was Ira Kaplan (YLT) who turned me on to the Fleshtones in 1979. Speaking of "Special Guests," you can find Lenny Kaye on the Fleshtone's newest album, Brooklyn Sound Solution, an excellent album. Anyway, glad to have you back online.

  5. Thanks for soming back! Would have been a huge shame for B.I.T. to totally close shop.


  6. Glad to see you back.
    Good luck with this new Blog//

  7. I just discovered your blog!! So cool!!