Friday, February 17, 2012

Mix Tape 002

Thee 50s High Teens

See below for scan credits.  Enjoy!

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1. "Hot Rod Zombie" - Wild Evel and the Trashbones - from "Soundflat Records Ballroom Bash 5"

2. "Anything You Want" - The Bearings - Pyramid, 1966 - from North Carolina, un-comp'd as far as I know

3. "Mon Mec a Moi" - The Mongrelettes - from their recent 7" - the Greeks do it in French and we like it! a lot!

4. "Good Old 99" - The Marylanders - Jubilee, 1953 - "The story of the Marylanders begins in Baltimore, after World War II. Initially gospel singers, they made the transition to R&B around 1947…" For more, go to

5. "She Was Untrue" - The Maharajas - from the the cd that came with the best garage zine in Greece and the world, Lost in Tyme Vol. 1 2004.

6. "Take My Word" - Bobby Fully Four - Mustang, 1965

7. "Ooh Baby" - Nolan Porter - from "Kent Soul - Moving On Up" circa 1968, contributed by TomK.

8. "Bonnie" - Man-Dells - 1964 from "Ya Gotta Have Moxie! Vol. 2"

9. "Till The End of the Day" - Thee 50s High Teens - Japanese vamps doing 60s!  - let's wake up the neighbors, let's turn up our amps!

10. "Other Days" - Rachael and the Strawberry Shephards - UNI, 1970

11. Hurt on Hold" - Fuzztones - 1989, the flip was "Jack the Ripper"

12. "I Got the Feeling I'm Falling" - Jesse Pearson - RCA, 1963

13. "I've Got That Feeling" - The Orchids - This is the first version, recorded in February of 1964. The Kinks recorded their version (Ray Davies wrote it) of the song in October of 1964. The Kinks' version appears for the first time at the Kinksize Session EP in November of 1964.  For an incredibly interesting post on these gals, check out  Watch for the Kinks version on an upcoming Mix Tape.  Song contributed by the elusive TomK.  A special thanks to Jay for his insights.

14. "You Should Know" - The Pattens - Stature, 1966

15. "Marcus Garvey" - Burning Spear - Island, 1975

16. "What She Does To Me" - The King Bees - RCA, 1965

17. "It's No Fun Being Alone" - Houston Outlaws - from "Westbound Detroit Northern Soul"

18. "As Long as I'm With You" - The Rubinoos - Beserkley, 1976

19. "Let's Build a Car" - Swell Maps - Rough Trade, 1979

Scan Credits:

Wild Evel scan from garage

Thee High Teens scan from

Burning Spear scan from

Orchids scan from


  1. VA - Mix Tape 002: A very nice way to start a weekend. Thanks Glenn! You have done it again.

  2. Thanks Glenn, looks like another solid mix!


  3. I just woke up. Some crazy man was screaming at me, something about a zombie...kinda scared me. That was one hell of a great song! Thanks for another great mix tape Glenn, super stuff.

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