Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mix Tape 013

Yo La Tengo, getting ready to surf the Hudson

The Feelies
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The first 4 songs are in celebration of the newly released biography on Yo La Tengo, "Big Day Coming."  The book is a must if you like the YLT, Hoboken or baseball.  What a nice surprise!

This mix is among the most incoherent, rambling and unfuzzy of all the mixes, though that's not necessarily a bad thing.  In my own way, it's my tribute (mostly) to YLT.


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1. "Dancing Barefoot" - Feelies - from a promotional single given away with BOB magazine, 1989

2. "Automatic Doors" - The Bongos - released originally as the flip side to "The Bulrushes" on Fetish in 1981

3. "Big Brown Eyes" - The dB's - originally released as part of a six-pack in a clear vinyl envelope, 1982

4. "Prisoners of Rock and Roll" - Yo La Tengo - live from Maxwells Hannukah show, 2011

5. "Keep on Dancing" - The Avantis - the original from 1963, though we have a special fondness for the versions by the Beach Boys and Alex Chilton

6. "I'll Never See My Love Again" - Kim Weston - Gordy, 1965

7. "Out of My Mind" - The Surprise Package - Columbia, 1966

8. "In the Back of My Mind" - The Beach Boys - from "Today!" 1965- at the moment, my favorite Beach Boys album.

9. "In the Morning" - Creatures of the Golden Dawn - from "Standing at the Gates of Time" 1995

10. "I Wanna Be (Your Everything)" - The Pretenders - Carnival, 1970

11. "(He's) Seventeen" - The Supremes - from their debut album, "Meet the Supremes" 1962

12. "Things That Matter" - Wylde Mammoths - from the album with the same name, 1988

13. "All Shook Up" - Otis Blackwell - the original, from 1957.  Elvis got a co-writing credit because he thought it was a good phrase for a refrain.

14. "Wonder People (I Do Wonder)" - Love - unreleased track from 1967, it was later included on the deluxe version of "Forever Changes"

15. "The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)" - Grateful Dead - from their debut album in 1967.  I regret throwing this album away (with all my Dead albums) in a hissy fit.

16. "She Has Funny Cars" - Jefferson Airplane - from "Surrealistic Pillow" 1967

17. "The Seventh Son" - Willie Mabon - Chess, 1955 - written by Willie Dixon and first released by Mabon

18. "Not the Way Love Should Be" - The Shades of Blue - Shades, 1966

19. "Talent for Lovin'" - Yellow Hair - Pacific Avenue, 1969

20. "Susie Q" - Los Psicodelicos Xochmilcas - try pronouncing that! - probably from the early 60s, from "Blue Demon's Mexican Rock and Roll Favorites"

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  1. as always thanks, glenn! i'm far too lazy to make my own playlists