Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mix Tape 014

Maurice Williams

Dukes circa 1959

See below for scan credits.  Enjoy!

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1. "Out of Control" - Channel 3 - originally from "I've Got a Gun" on No Future, 1982

2. "I've Been Through It Before" - Paul Messis - previously unreleased, from Lost in Tyme V6 - Plagues cover

3. "It's Your Voodoo Workin'" - Charles Sheffield - Excello, 1961

4. "Goodbye" - Ash Gray and the Girls - from "Born in the Summer" - released last month

5. "We'll Run Away" - Beach Boys - from "All Summer Long" 1964

6. "Dancing Mood" - Delroy Wilson - Studio One, 1968

7. "Don't Tell Me the Truth" - The Remains (original lineup) - from "Movin' On" 2002, only 30 or so years between releases

8. "Turning My Heartbeat Up" - The Moving Sounds - from "Don't Sleep on This" 2006 - Swedish band, great album

9. "Heartbeat" - Detroit Cobras - from "Baby" 2005

10. "Hey Hey Mary" - Thee Martian Boyfriends - from 2010 on Lost in Tyme Records, fantastic album from this Belgian group

11. "Lollipop" - Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs - from "At the Beach" 1965, first released by Ronald & Ruby in 1958 - Wikipedia:  The song originated when Julius Dixon was late for a songwriting session with Beverly Ross. He explained that his daughter had gotten a lollipop stuck in her hair, and that had caused him to be late. Ross was so inspired by the word "lollipop" that she sat down at the piano and produced a version of the song on the spot. Beverly Ross recorded a demo of the song with Ronald Gumm, a 13-year old neighbor of Dixon, under the name Ronald & Ruby. Ross' mother insisted that she use a pseudonym for safety reasons, because they were an interracial duo.[3]
RCA got hold of it and Dixon, who owned the master and had produced the demo, agreed to let them release it. Ronald and Ruby's version rose up the chart reaching #20.

12. "I'll Slip Away" - Rod Riguez - Impact, 1967

13. "Record Man" - Ferrets - from Lost in Tyme V6 originally released in 1987

14. "I'm Crying" - The Animals - released as a single in 1964 and written by Eric Burdon and Alan Price.  It was their 2nd hit after… guess what, "House of the Rising Sun"

15. "If Your Mother Only Knew" - Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Tamla, 1962 their 3rd album, "I'll Try Something New"

16. "First Time I Saw Her" - The Dukes - Signett, 1967

17. "New Girl" - Jimmie and the Entertainers - Todlin Town 8203, from TomK (?)

18. "Girl Next Door" - Nervous Eaters - from 1980 self-titled LP

19. "The Boy Next Door" - Frankie Karl & the Chevrons - Philtown, 1965

20. "The New Girl in School" - Alex Chilton - Jan & Dean cover from the 1995 album "A Man Called Destruction"

21. "Girls Mean Trouble" - Them Tyrants - 2009 self-titled album, from Sweden

22. "Riot on Sunset Strip (live, 2009) - Standells - from Lost in Tyme V6

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Thee Martian Boyfriends scan from

Maurice Williams scan from

"If Your Mother Only Knew" scan from

Dukes scan from

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  1. Thank you so much, my friend. I am looking forward to hearing your mixes. Maurice and the Zodiacs have always been a favorite because of their version of "Stay" - all best wishes,


  2. Excellent collection! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Damn, Glenn, your blog totally rocks!

  4. Hi Glenn, I'm having problems downloading this file.

    Connection to server keeps resetting before the file is accessed.

    No problem with the Lost In Greece file.

    Can you have a look please ?



  5. Seems like it got corrupt. Try again, it should be ok now.

  6. Just downloaded it OK.

    Thanks my friend - much appreciated.

  7. Valerie Knows WhoJuly 6, 2012 at 10:21 PM

    in ref to Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs version of Lollipop ... yes it's a slick production as is the Chordettes, but I find the simplicity of Ronald And Rudy's version simply charming.