Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mix Tape 041

The Ricochettes
See below for scan credits.  Enjoy!

1. “Sweet Jane (live on Letterman) - Lou Reed - from 1993

2. “Here She Comes Now - The Velvet Underground - from “White Light White Heat” 1968

3. “Candy Store Love” - Val-Chords - Gametime, 1958

4. “Fancy Free With Nancy” - The Optic Nerve - from a compilation, “Ansia de Color”

5. “And It’s True” - The Ohio Express - from “Beg, Borrow and Steal” 1967

6. “Remember a Day” - Pink Floyd - from “A Saucerful of Secrets” 1968

7. “It Ain’t No Big Thing” - The Radiants - Chess, 1965

8. “Girl” - The Baron Four - from a recent 7” - contributed by Shawn

9. “Can’t Stand This Love” - The Hurricanes - from the recent album “The Hurricanes - Warning!” - contributed by Shawn

10. “Among the Flowers” - Uptight - from the self-titled album on Off the Hip, 2003

11. “It “Hurts to Be Alone” - Bob Marley & the Wailers - from “The Wailing Wailers” 1965

12. “Headlines” - Goldie - Immediate, 1966 — that’s Goldie from Goldie and Gingerbreads

13. “Almost True” - Yo La Tengo - from A “Smattering of Outtakes and Rarities” (2005)

14. “Last Mistake” - The Cynics - from “Here We Are” 2007

15. “Carol, Carol” - The Speckulations - from “The Best of Justice Records”

16. “Just a Bad Thing” - Janice Christian - Swan, 1964

17. “Ups and Downs” - The dBs - from “Repercussion”

18. “What You Gonna Do With Me Baby?” - The Four Tops - from “Lost Without You: 1963-1970 (Motown Lost & Found)”

19. “Find Another Boy” - The Ricochettes - Destination, 1966?

20. “All I Wanna Do” - The Beach Boys - from “20/20”, 1969

21. “Please Be Mine” - Merrell & the Exiles - Glenn, 1964

22. “Strange “Feeling” - Billy Stewart - Chess, 1963

23. “California Blonde” - Booze - from “Easy Beats in Modern Times” 2007

24. “I’ve Got My Baby” - Pat Livingston - Dimension, 1965

25. “When She Returns” - The Hatfields - Cha Cha, 1966

26. “Mr. Soul” - Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - from “Five Way Street: A Tribute to Buffalo Springfield”

Scan Credits:

Lou scan from

Ricochettes scan from

“Strange Feeling” scan from


  1. Another great mix of familiar and new (to me) tunes. Thanks.

    BTW, you might be interested to know that the other day I was listening to random tracks from some of your older GUTF comps and heard a song by the Setting Sons that I liked so much I had to go and buy the CD.

  2. Thanks again Glenn.

  3. Thanks for the new mix Glenn, especially the Lou Reed songs...a rock star who, it seems never wanted, or expected to be one. I also love the Mr. Soul cover, really well done.

  4. Thank you Glenn. Haven't paid my dues recently. Thought you might like to know I went to see Art Brut last night and of course they played THAT song. Can't tell you how many new groups I've discovered through your comps over the years. Keep on keeping on.

  5. Its great to have another Mix Tape so soon after the last one and I was pleased to see another Billy Stewart tune added, although I do have this one. It is important to me when I download songs to iTunes that I include the release date. So, if I may, I would like to correct the date you have provided for Billy's 'Strange Feeling.'
    According to 45cat - - "Sugar And Spice' b/w 'Strange Feeling' was released on Chess 1868 in September 1963 not 1968 as you have indicated.
    I know I'm picking nits but I just had to do it.
    Thanks a lot for this post.

  6. Oh yeah, thanks for the birthady present. I wish i would get more of these from other people.

  7. shout out - Billy Stewart does know Bo 1957

    1. Billy's Heartache / Billy Stewart with Bo Diddley on Okeh 1957

  8. Dude, these comps are the shit man. You no how to make sum fucking nice comps. Thanks, diggin them for shizzle