Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mix Tape 042

The Intrigues

Major Lance

See below for scan credits.  Enjoy!

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1. “I Wanna Talk About My Baby” - The Riot Squad - Pye, 1965 - David Bowie was a member later on

2. “Rhythm” - Major Lance - Okeh, 1964

3. “Some Kind of Love” - Stupidity - new single from on Gofast from my favorite Swedish band

4. “Just Last Night” - The Scribes - Okay, 1967

5. “The Bulrushes” - Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - from the new album “Under the Covers, Vol. 3”

6. “Too Young, Too Long” - Carolyn Crawford - Motown, unreleased, first made available on the ‘Cellar Full Of Soul - Vol 3’

7. “I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Met)” - The Bows and Arrows - GNP-Crescendo, 1965 - Dylan cover, very Byrds-like

8. “Neptune Girl” - Groovy Uncle featuring Suzi Chunk - from the new album “One Vowel Away From the Truth” - contributed by Shawn

9. “Billy’s Heartache” - Billy Stewart with the Marquees - Okeh, 1957 - by popular demand and backed by Bo Diddley.

10. “Yes I Do” - The Baron Four - from a recent 7”, contributed by Shawn

11. “Wonder Why” - Rick & the Legends - United Artists, 1966

12. “In a Moment” - The Intrigues - Yew, 1970

13. “Two Sevens Clash” - Culture - Lightning Records, 1978

14. “I’m in Love (With Not Being in Love With You)” - The Yum Yums - from the recently released “Play Good Music:

15. “It’s So Hard” - The Hucksters - originally on Brutal and also on the comp “Dark Clouds” - great acoustic guitar and quite a mysterious band

16. “I Had a Talk With My Man” - Mitty Collier - Chess, 1964

17. “Stupid Things” - Yo La Tengo - limited edition 12” released in September

18. “Every Single Time” - Kartoons - from “Introducing…” 2006

19. “Lost in the Beat” - Thee Fourgiven - from “It Ain’t Pretty Down Here” 1985

20. “Yoyo” - The Doughboys - their new rocking’ single

21. “Would I Love You” - The Miracles - Tamla, 1964

22. “Here I Come (Broader Than Broadway)” - Barrington Levy - Profile, 1990

23. “I Was There” - Lenny Welch - London American Recordings, 1965

24. “Just Dropped In” - The Launderettes - from their recently released album “Getaway”

25. “I Cried” - Spectres - Paula, 1967                

26. “Guess I’m Dumb” - The Wondermints - from “The Wonderful World of the Wondermints” 1996

Scan Credits:

Riot Squad scan from

Scribes scan from

Major Lance scan from

Intrigues scan from

Thee Fourgiven scan from


  1. Billy's got his Heartache and Bo's just scratching like a madman

  2. Another highly listenable comp, Glenn. Thank you. Have you heard the original Glen Campbell version of Brian Wilson's "Guess I'm Dumb?"

  3. Thanks, you put pandora to shame!

  4. Another year nearly gone and ALL those fantastic posts.THANKS a lot.Downunder Dave

  5. Hucksters from Ilinois, recorded at Sound Unlimited Studios in Harvey, Il. Also recorded at Bub Pressner Studios in Gary, Indiana. Opening band once for Chicagos New Colony Six band with Chicago WLS deejay Clark Weber. One TV appearance on A local show CET Talent with announcer Sid Ordower. South suburbs Tinley Park band members Rich Wetzel, Mark Gifford and Jack Carey. Various other members played at different time as well. Band played from 1967 thru 1973.

    1. Add to previous post on Hucksters the songs were "It's too hard" and "Lonely Man". Another album may exist somewhere , unknown.