Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mix Tape 050

The Naturals

Mike Jones Group scan from - St-Germain high school in Ville St-Laurent, class of 1965.  Mike Jones is in the second row, third from the right. Bob Panetta in the last row, fifth from the right.

It’s been a while.  No good reason except I ran out of imagination, haha.  But to the rescue came the reliable duo, Shawn and Boss Logan.  They are the most prolific contributors to the series and I am grateful.  They’ve expanded my horizons greatly.  Whatever happened to Tom? 

A note about the downloads from zippyshare.  They’re a great service and I like them.  But they only keep up active stuff.  If a file hasn’t been downloaded for 30 days, it goes bye bye to the eternal cloud in the sky.  I find it surprising this has only happened once since I started this.  But it seems everyone in the know who wants to download this stuff has pretty much done so.  So, mixes will start disappearing.  This endeavor takes enough out of my time.  It’s a work of love and I enjoy putting the mixes together but not the uploading and all that it entails.  So, get ‘em now while you can.  Once they expire, I might not put them up again.

See below for scan credits.  Enjoy!

1. “Buzz Saw” - Fify Foot Combo & Reverend Beat Man - from the recent 7” EP “Alligator Wine” - contributed by Shawn (?)

2. “Your Love” - Marshmallow Overcoat - from the recently released “The Very Best Of” - get it!

3. “On a Summer Night” - The Sugar Canyon - Buddah, 1968 - contributed by Boss Logan

4. “His Lips Get in the Way” - The Shirelles - Philips, 1964

5. “She Likes it Like That” - The Everyday Things - from “Lighten Up, Francis” 2005

6. “People of the Night” - The See No Evils - from the recent EP “We Are Strangers” - contributed by Shawn

7. “Hot Summer” - English Teacher John - what’s the story on this guy?  He has a blog and podcasts, this tune is from a 2006 podcast - contributed by Boss Logan

8. “Make Up Your Mind” - The San Francisco TKOs - Kent, 2009

9. “Not Tonight” - The Beatpack - from the recently released “The Time and the Pleasure” - contributed by Sean

10. “Waiting in Vain” - Chrissie Hynde - from “A Tribute to the King of Reggae, Bob Marley” 2011

11. “Gonna Hustle You” - Peter Stampfel & the Bottle Caps - from “Smiles, Vibes & Harmony: A Tribute To Brian Wilson”

12. “I Was a Fool” - The Specktrum - Something Groovy, 1967

13. “Keep an Eyoe on Summer” - Brian Wilson from “Imagination”

14. “I’ve Got to Have Your Love” - Mill Evans - Constellation Records, 1966

15. “The Warmth of the Sun” - Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - from “Under the Covers Vol 1”

16. “Now She Knows She’s Wrong” - Jellyfish - from their debut in 1990 

17. “She’s Under My Skin” - The Smith Bros. - from “Restless” 2008

18. “The Thought of You Darling” - The Naturals - Red Top, 1960

19. “Summer is Coming” - I am Scientist - from “No Signal” 2000 - contributed by Boss Logan

20. “Throw Me a Line” - The Ugly Beats - from the album with the same name, 2011

21. “Please Don’t Talk to the Lifeguard” - Diane Ray - Mercury, 1963

22. “Each and Every Day” - The Mike Jones Group = Jet, 1967

23. “Bad Woman” - The Penetrators - from the album of the same name, 2008 - contributed by Shawn

24. “It Ain’t Mine” - Thee Headcoats - from “My First Billy Childish Album” 2006

25. “Summertime Nights” - The Happy Tones - Colpix, 1963 - contributed by Boss Logan

Scan Credits:

The Naturals scan from

Diane Ray scan from

Mike Jones Group scan from - St-Germain high school in Ville St-Laurent, class of 1965.  Mike Jones is in the second row, third from the right. Bob Panetta in the last row, fifth from the right.


  1. Great! Now I can't stop singing "Please Don't Talk to the Lifeguard"! Seriously though, another great mix of old and new. Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks for another great mix Glenn. June was a slow month for new releases, got just a couple of things to send along. July will be a great month, eventually...lot's of stuff on order!

  3. Haha, I'm gonna make it a point to talk to the lifeguard to get that incessant tune out of my head.

    And thank you Shawn for all of your fantastic contributions.

  4. Hey Glenn, I just thought that you and your readers might be interested to know that I have reactivated my blog Time on My Hands with a brand new post. Check it out and enjoy the music.