Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mix Tape 063

The Liverbirds

Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S. Bounty
Hope you enjoy...

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1. “Tell Her No” - The Zombies - from “Live at the Bloomsbury Theater, London,” 2009

2. “My Heart’s Not In It” - Yo La Tengo - from their just-released “Stuff Like That There,” the lead song and cover of Darlene McCrea (see track #25)

3. “Everybody C’mon” - Tuna Tacos - from “Shaking With the Tuna Tacos” 2001

4. “Hello It’s Me” - Nazz - from “1967 Audition Tape” featuring Todd Rundgren, this knocked my socks off

5. “She Knows Me Too Well” - The Beach Boys - from “Today” 1965

6. “Things (Goin’ Round in My Mind)” - Merrell Fankhauser & HMS Bounty - first issued on the 1968 LP “Things!” reissued in 1985

7. “It’s My Time” - Drew-Vels - Capitol, 1963. That’s Patsy or Patti Drew.

8. “Thinking of the U.S.A.” - Eater - 1977, The Label

9. “Outtasite!” - The Reverberations - from the recently issued “Are Outtasite! (West Coast Tour Date” - from Shawn

10. “Don’t Let Your Baby Go” - Kenny & the Kasuals - 1965, Mark

11. “So Lonely” - What For? - Rampage, 1968

12. “A Little Bit of Sunlight [demo]” - The Kinks - from “Kinda Kinks (Deluxe Edition”

13. “I Love You (Yeah)” - The Impressions - 1964, ABC-Paramount

14. “Jonathan Lipnicki” - Bottlenose Koffins - from the recently released “Peanut Allergies” - contributed by Shawn

15. “Until Now” - The Doughboys - from the recently released “Hot Beat Stew”

16. “He’s Something Else” - The Liverbirds - from “Peanut Butter Why Do You Hang Around Me” 1966

17. “Brand New Baby”  - Pat Farrell & the Believers - from the comp on Arf Arf, “Pat Farrell & the Believers - Eastern PA Legends 1966-1968 Barclay Story Vol. 4”

18. “Happy With You” - Tikis - from “VA - Nuggets From the Golden State - Someone To Love”

19. “Riot on Sunset Strip” - The Satelliters - from “Wylde Knights of Action” 1997

20. “(Consider It) A Debt Repaid” - The Higher State - from their new single on 13 O’Clock Records, contributed by Shawn

21. “Talk To Me” - Checkmates International - circa 1966 from “Psychedelic Crown Jewels Vol. 2 [60's Garage Unknowns]”

22. “Heartful of Soul” - Mod Fun - from Peris’ Lost in Tyme collection

23. “Now What” - Possum Dixon - from their 1998 and last album, “New Sheets”

24. “As Time Rolls By” - Paul Messis - from his new 7” - we heart this guy, contributed by Shawn

25. “My Heart’s Not In It” - Darlene McCrea (Cookies) - Tower, 1964

Scan Credits:

Merrell Fankhauser & HMS Bounty scan from his site

“It’s My Time” scan from

Eater from

The Liverbirds scan from google


  1. Thanks once again for such an entertaining set of music. I particularly enjoyed hearing the Nazz demo of "Hello It's Me." I couldn't help thinking I wish someone had taken that demo to The Association and let them put their stamp on it. Their harmonies seem tailor-made for the song. Anonymously, as always...

  2. Great stuff. Thanks for shairing. You are the MAN!

  3. Great mix again as usual. Great to see The Tikis included. They only released two singles and then hit it big as Harper's Bizzare with Paul Simon's 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy). I don't know how you do it but I look forward to your mixes always. Thanks.