Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mix Tape 064

Musical Youth
Larry's Rebels

Oma Page

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1. “We Gotta Get You a Woman” - Todd Rundgren - From “Runt” 1970

2. “Wait Another Day” - The Mongrelettes - all the from Greece, from their just-released album, “The Mongrelettes”  Contributed by Shawn.

3. “Wonderin’” - Neil Young - from “Everybody’s Rockin’” 1983

4. “Gimme a Little Sign” - Brenton Wood - from “Oogum Boogum” 1967

5. “Pass the Dutchie” - Musical Youth - from “The Youth of Today” 1982. Fyi, a Dutch is a Jamaican cooking pot.

6. “Susannah’s Still Alive” - The Kinks - from “Something Else” 1967

7. “I Should Have Known Better” - Yo La Tengo - live from Maxwell’s Hannukah 2011

8. “Omaha” - Moby Grape - from their 1967 self-titled album

9. “Since She’s Been Gone” - The Young Alley Cats - Robin, 1966

10. “Another Man’s Dick” - The Shit - from “No.2” just released. Contributed by Shawn

11. “Because We’re Very Young” - The Parlettes - Jubilee, 1964

12. “Loving’ You” - The Frowning Clouds - from the EP “Diamonds and Clubs” 2010

13. “Love Me” - Yesterday’s Thoughts - from “Let’s Take a Ride With…” 2004

14. “Too Weak To Fight” - Clarence Carter - From “The Dynamic Clarence Carter” 1969

15. “Crave” - The Doughboys - from the recent “Hot Beat Stew”

16. “California Street” - The Jalopy Five - from “(I Love) That West Coast Sound” 1966

17. “Oh How Happy”  - Shades of Blue - Sue Records, 1966

18. “Highway Highway” - Short Yellow - from “Nuggets From the Golden State - What a Way to Come Down”

19. “Siam” - The Cosmopolitans - from “Wild Moose Party: Pom Pom Girls Gone New Wave NYC 1980-1981”

20. “Back To Me” - Groovy Uncle & Suzi Chunk - from the recent “Life’s A Gift.” Contributed by Shawn

21. “I Had Forgotten” - The Lost Generation - from “Schnitzelbeat Vol. 2 You Are the Only One” Contributed by Shawn

22. “Have You Seen?” - The Del Shapiros - from the recent “Sangre con Tomato” - contributed by Shawn

23. “Let’s Think of Something” - Larry’s Rebels - New Zealand band, originally on “A Study in Black” from circa 1966. Contributed by Shawn

24. “Thief of Love” - Oma Page - from “Various - A Cellarful Of Motown! Volume 3”

25. “She” - The Rovin’ Kind - circa 1965 from “The Best Of Dunwich Records Vol. 1 - Oh Yeah!”

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Larry’s Rebels scan from google search

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Rovin’ Kind scan from Google


  1. Thanks for another great playlist Glenn. Been a long time since I listened to any Neil Young, Wonderin' reminded me what a terrific songwriter he is, also makes me wonder why "Everybody's Rockin'" was so poorly received when it came out, it was just Neil doing what he liked...

  2. Thank you. As always a nice mixture of the new and the familiar.

  3. It's good to hear from both you guys.

    Shawn, the Geffen years were quite a controversial period for Young that ended in lawsuits. And yeah, I'm with you, it was just Neil doing what he liked. It's one of my favorite songs by him.

  4. I would love to know the process of putting these playlists together. One of my life's greatest little joys is putting these special "mixtapes" on my MP3 device and listening in order without looking at the list of artists and titles. it is like taking a walk through an interesting neighborhood in a strange city. What suprises lie around the corner?

    Anyway, I really enjoy the variety and the attention to picking great tracks from obscure sources. You have quite the record collection!