Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mix Tape 007

Caroline and the Treats

The Isley Brothers

Rockin' Ramrods
Thanks to Shawn for his recent contributions and thanks for the comments.  See below for scan credits.  Enjoy!

1. "Tonight" - Caroline and the Treats - Just released!  Caroline And The Treats is a Norwegian garage rock outfit fronted by former porn actress Caroline Andersen.  Courtesy of Shawn, thank you!

2. "At the Hop" - Flash Cadillac & the Continentals - from "25 Years" released in 1994, nowhere else to be found as far as I know

3. "Visions of Love" - Warlox - Vermillion, 1967

4. "Back Up Train" - Al Greene & the Soul Brothers - Hot Line, 1967 - "Green formed a group called Al Greene & the Creations in high school. Curtis Rogers and Palmer James, two members of the Creations, formed an independent label called Hot Line Music Journal. In 1967, under the new name Al Greene & the Soul Mates, the band recorded "Back Up Train" and released it on Hot Line Music." ~ wikipedia

5. "Ultra Twist" - Cramps - from "Flamejob, 1994

6. "With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend" - The Three O'Clock - from the 1982 EP "Baroque Hoedown"

7. "My Boyfriend's Back" - The Paper Dolls - RCA, 1970 - from Germany

8. "Bad Reputation" - dB's - from their first album, "Stands for Decibels" 1981

9. "Respectable" - The Isley Brothers - 1959, RCA

10. "My Girlfriend's Pretty" - Ron Sexsmith - from "Q People: A Tribute To NRBQ"

11. "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" - The Rubinoos - 1979 

12. "Girlfriend" - Modern Lovers - from their 1973 debut album

13. "Douchebag Boyfriend" - Guns & Rossetti - from "Spins" 2008

14. "I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend" - Lush - from "Topolino, 1996 - It was retitled "I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend" for Lush's authorised version and cited in a 2007 lawsuit filed by the Rubinoos against Avril Lavigne, whose song "Girlfriend" bore similarities to the Lush cover of the Rubinoos song.

15. "Nine Times Out of Ten" - The Undertones - from "Hypnotised" 1980

16. "I Need Your Love" - The Soul Survivors - from "It's Happening Here" - per, "These gems are from a 12-track LP compilation of young, fledgling New Jersey rock bands from the mid to late 1960s, produced by Alyn Heim and Bill Neale. Mr. Heim was a noted NJ music educator, and authored many books on instrumental technique."

17. "Red Light" - The Elephant Men - from "Little Steven's Garage Rock Invasion"

18. "Bright Lit Blue Skies" - Rockin' Ramrods - 1966. from "The Best of the Rockin' Ramrods"

19. "I Saw Your Photograph" - Merrell Fankhauser - from "Maui" 1976

20. "Martian Graverobber" - The Forbidden Dimension - from "Somebody Down There Likes Me" 1995

Scan Credits:

Caroline and the Treats scan from Shawn

Isley Brothers scan from

Rockin' Ramrods scan from