Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mix Tape 040

Whatt Four

Billy Stewart
The Chantelles

It's been a while. I've been away, physically and metaphysically.  I've also spent way too much time over thinking this playlist.  It's always a challenge choosing songs and, more so, the track order. I can never seem to get it just right.  So I thought I'd make this perfect.  It's not, but I usually don't realize that until 3 seconds after I upload it.  So, I figured it was time to stop thinking and just throw this hodgepodge up in the stratosphere, or cloud.  I hate that friggin' term.  

I know I'm leaving out some credits for contributions.  I can assure you it's not intentional; I simply don't remember any more.  A handful of you have contributed greatly and I thank all of you.  Whew, covered that base. -)  Enough from me, I don't like to be chatty since no one reads this stuff anyway.

See below for scan credits.  Enjoy!

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1. "Forever Autumn" - Vigrass & Osborne - UNI, 1972 with Chris Spedding & Caleb Quaye on guitars

2. "It's Too Late" - Del Shannon - from "This is My Bag" 1966

3. "Lost" - The Darlettes - President, 1970

4. "Lazy Day" - The Grip Weeds

5. "Whenever You're Ready (Demo)" - The Zombies - from the 1997 4 disc box set

6. "Cast a Shadow" - Yo La Tengo - from "Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo" 1996

7. "(Love's Like A) Cuban Crisis" - The Sneakers - from the Carnivorous Records EP, 1976 and later released on the compilation "Racket"

8. "Who Wouldn't Love A Man Like That" - Mable John - Tamla, 1960 - she was the first female singer at Motown

9. "Think About It" - The Yardbirds - live on a BBC Session recorded 3/16/68.  Where were you, haha.

10. "That Day When She Needed Me" - Contours - Motown, 1964

11. "Stop Your Messin' Around" - The Whatt Four - ESP, 1966

12. "I Never Knew" - The Avocados - Choo Choo Train, 1981

13. "You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It?)" - The Undertones - from "Hypnotised" 1980

14. "Academy Fight Song" - Mission of Burma - Ace of Hearts, 1980

15. "Baby Du Jour" - Roy Loney - from "Shake it or Leave it" 2007

16. "I Belong To You" - The Fi-Tones Quintette - Atlas, 1956

17. "I Don't Care" - Gorde's Horde - from "Psychedelic States: Wisconsin in the 60s"

18. "Try Too Hard" - Dave Clark Five - Epic, 1966

19. "Confessin' a Feeling" - Sly ,Slick, Wicked - Bad Boys, 1972

20. "Another Lie" - The Sound Explosion - Studio 11, 1995

21. "Cry Me a Lie" Apollos Apaches - Anybody's, 1966

22. "Gonna Give Him Some Love" - The Chantelles - Parlophone, 1965

23. "Come Back in Two Halves" - Wire - from "A Bell is a Cup Until It Is Struck" 1988

24. "When I Had Your Love" - Marvin Gaye - Tamla, 1966 - produced by Smokey Robinson

25. "Suddenly She Was Gone" - Boys Next Door - Soma, 1965

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