Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mix Tape 010

See below for scan credits.  Enjoy!

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1. "Almost There" - The Turtles - Great garage from Howard Kaylan and company, originally the B side to "It Ain't Me Babe."  It later appeared on their second album from '66, "You Baby/Let Me Be."

2. "I Feel Great" - The Glens - Rome, 1961 from "Doo Wop From Rome Records"

3. "Drunk Boogie" - Astro Babys - from "We Ain't Housewife Material: A Collection of All-Girl Bands: Drunk Boogie"

4. "One Sweet Kiss" - Candy & the Kisses - from 1960, previously unissued, from "Do the '81 & Other Soul Classics"

5. "Yeah Yeah" - Fuad & the Feztones - from "Beeramid" 2008

6. "Nothing But a Heartache" - The Detroit Cobras - from "Tied & True" 2007

7. "I Haven't Got the Nerve" - The Drones - Drone, 1967 - nice Zombies cover

8. "Blitzkrieg Bop" - Shonen Knife - from "Osaka Ramones - Tribute To The Ramones" 2011

9. "Don't Put Me On" - The Kings Court - from "Green Crystal Ties Vol. 07 : Mind-Expanding Punk of the 60's"

10. "I'm Still Waiting" - Delroy Wilson - 1976 cover of the Wailers

11. "Miss Brown" - The Neon Judgment - 1987 - from "Red Box"

12. "She" - The Eyes - from "Unearthed Merseybeat Volume 1" - contributed by TomK

13. "She Cried" - Jay & the Americans - United Artists, 1962

14. "She's Mine" - Liverpool Five - from Sundazed ""Nuggets from the Liverpool Five (Part 1)"

15. "Boy of My Dreams" - Kathy Brandon - Crystalette, 1962 - from "Teen Town USA V14"

16. "You Hypnotize Me" - The Missing Links - from "No No No" circa 1966

17. "He Knows How to Love Me" - Helen Shapiro - Columbia, 1964

18. "Catch a Wave" - Jeffrey Foskett - from "Tributes and Rarities" 2003

19. "On a Night Like This" - The Elements - Clarity, 1966 - all I know is they're from New Jersey, yay, beautiful song

20. "Sand" - Calvin Johnson & Mark Pickerel from "Total Lee! The Songs of Lee Hazlewood"

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  1. Another excellent comp, Glenn. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for another great collection Glenn.The Turtles song is outstanding, 'cause to me it's so unlike the sound I remember as the Turtles'. It was this week in 1969 that the Turtles and The Temptations played at a White House party hosted by Tricia Nixon. Legend has it that Howard Kaylan got upset that nobody seemed to be paying attention to the music, so he threw some of the band's equipment into the White House swimming pool, and that the band snorted cocaine on a desk that once belonged to Abraham Lincoln. The sixties...what a time, we'll never see the like again, but thanks to you we can listen, thanks again Glenn for bringing back the good memories.

  3. Currently listening to this. Starting to get that giddy feeling that happens when I hear some good tunes. Thanks

  4. I've heard one other Shonen Knife song, "Insect Collector". Very unusual yet good listening. She must be one of those ever evolving, underground artist types.