Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mix Tape 011

The Beavers aka The Great Scots

The Shadows of the Knight
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1. "Don't Want Your Love" - The Great Scots - Epic, 1965

2. "She's Coming Home" - Purple Merkins - Dionysus, 1995 - imaginative cover of the great Blues Magoos

3. "Temptation 'Bout to Get Me" - The Knight Brothers - Checker, 1965

4. "Elvis" - Sit N' Spin - from "Doin' Time With" 2004

5. "She's Sorry" - The Journey Men - Boss Records, 1966?

6. "A New Romance" - Booze - from "Straight, No Chaser" 2008

7. "Come on Home" - Yvonne Prenosilova - Pye, 1965 - B side to "When My Baby Cries"

8. "Hunting" - The Bongos - from their compilation "Drums Along the Mohawk"

9. "Dedicated to the One I Love" - The 5 Royales - King, 1957, they did it first

10. "She Lives in a Time of Her Own" - The Wildebeests - Sympathy for the Record Industry, 2000 - great cover of the 13th Floor Elevators

11. "I'll Make You Sorry" - The Shadows of the Knight - Dunwich, 1966 - B side to "I'm Gonna Make You Mine"

12. "Something Went Wrong" - Vernon Garrett - Grenade, 1974

13. "I'm Waiting" - The Nevermores - from the recently released "Now More Than Ever"

14. "It's My Turn to Cry" - The Rumbles - Mercury, 1966

15. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Stanton-Miranda - from "Means to an End: The Music of Joy Division"

16. "Silly Little Girl" - The Limeys - Coulee, 1965

17. "A Thousand Wonders" - Archie Bell & the Drells - from "Tighten Up" 1968

18. "I Hate Silence" - Los Chicos - from "We Sound Amazing But Look Like Shit" 2010

19. "Who You Gonna Run To" - Brenda Holloway - from "A Cellarful of Motown!"

20. "Coolville" - The Nomads - from "Teenage Shutdown: No Tease"

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Great Scots scan from

Knight Brothers scan from

Shadows of the Knight scan from

Limeys scan from

Tighten Up scan from


  1. Thanks again Glenn, this is a playlist loaded with great tunes. My favorites were from The Purple Merkins, The Knight Brothers, Vernon Garrett (you should see his pictures on last FM, his pimp hand is strong!) and The Nevermores. I hadn't heard of The Nevermores, extra thanks for that one.

  2. Thanks Glen. Great playlist on this one. I'm digging the Elevators cover esp.

  3. And yet another great comp, Glenn, including home-town fav's The Shadows Of Knight. Thanks for all the goodies!

  4. Hi! Steve Wright here from Lake Elsinore, CA. Thanks for publishing "Silly Little Girl" recorded December 1965 Coulee recording, LaCrosse Wisconsin. Band memners are Larry Rudd, lead guitar, Kenny Stritmatter, bass (KIA Vietnam 69), Bruce Baptie, drums and back up vocals, and Steve Wright, guitar and lead vocals.