Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer '12

Happy Summer!

Click it

Here Comes the Summer - Undertones
School's Out for Summer - Alice Cooper
Almost Summer - Kim Fowley
Wipeout - Fatboys
Palisades Park - Freddy Cannon
In the Summer - Lollipop
The Sweet Sounds of Summer - The Shangri-Las
Summertime - Charles Douglas
Keep an Eye on Summer - Beach Boys
Let's Go to the Beach - Magnificent Escapades
Cover Me Babe - Sunshine Trolley
California Summertime - Lance Romance
Don't Back Down - The Queers
Remember Last Summer - Four Winds
Summer - Lemon Fog
California Beach Boy - The Dollyrots
The Fun We Had - Raggamuffin
Summer Should Bring Happiness - The Coachmen
Hey Summer - Stephen Crane Village featuring Bobby Valli
Big "T" - Les Reveres
In His Car - Robin Ward
Hot Summer Girls - Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids
The Summer - Yo La Tengo
Summer Girl - The New Sound Spectrum
Wonderful Summer - Robin Ward
Swimming Ground - Meat Puppets
Indian Summer - Beat Happening
Lost Summer Love - Lorraine Silver
Now That Summer's Gone - Dagenites


  1. Thanks

    Time to stock up on the hair gel and axe body wash, tune up the ol' tanning bed, and brush up on my guido lingo. Jersey Shore is calling;)

  2. Aaaahh! My first Summer Mix for 2012! Thank you!--Bill

  3. Belatedly getting to this -- great collection! Thanks, Glenn!